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Available for sale NEW email lists of buyers, from top 5 (apparel, clothing, fashion) online shops and malls from CIS & Eastern Europe:

Email Lists CIS & Eastern Europe

Data include fields: First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email, Zip, Home address (xls)

Data shoppers with top categories:

Fashion email lists buyers
Women clothing email lists buyers
Men clothing email lists buyers
Shoes email lists buyers
Bags email lists buyers

Jewelry email lists buyers
Watches email lists buyers
Toys email lists buyers
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Forex Traders Email Lists

Available for sale NEW email lists of Forex traders / investors, from some Forex brokers (real & demo traders) forex forums, fx portals and blogs in Forex niche:
Forex Traders Email Lists

All data Inclide ≈8 Millions fx brokers clients, traders, investors and subscribers

Lists of emails, from all over the world: us, uk, au, nz, europe, cis, arabic, china and some offshore countries!

Brokers: Forex Brokers with MT4/5 support
Languages: Mainly English-speaking, but there are some other
Data: High-quality and "fresh", 2015 - at the present time 

Data include the most wanted category in FX niche:

Fx Traders email lists
Fx Brokers email lists
Fx Investors email lists
Fx Subscribers email lists
Fx Info-product buyers email lists

and some other categories (newbies,coders)

Also available lists of major investors (100K+)
Huge database of Chinese traders (MT4/5)

For sellers forex info-product (books, courses, robots), fx account managers, marketers, fx brokers start up's and fx affiliate programs - its MUST HAVE!

Email marketing is the cheapest way for ads Forex projects...

We Guarantee the Quality of the lists.

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