Forex Traders Email Lists

Available for sale NEW email lists of Forex traders / investors, from some Forex brokers (real & demo traders) forex forums, fx portals and blogs in Forex niche:
Forex Traders Email Lists

All data Inclide ≈8 Millions fx brokers clients, traders, investors and subscribers

Lists of emails, from all over the world: us, uk, au, nz, europe, cis, arabic, china and some offshore countries!

Brokers: Forex Brokers with MT4/5 support
Languages: Mainly English-speaking, but there are some other
Data: High-quality and "fresh", 2015 - at the present time 

Data include the most wanted category in FX niche:

Fx Traders email lists
Fx Brokers email lists
Fx Investors email lists
Fx Subscribers email lists
Fx Info-product buyers email lists

and some other categories (newbies,coders)

Also available lists of major investors (100K+)
Huge database of Chinese traders (MT4/5)

For sellers forex info-product (books, courses, robots), fx account managers, marketers, fx brokers start up's and fx affiliate programs - its MUST HAVE!

Email marketing is the cheapest way for ads Forex projects...

We Guarantee the Quality of the lists.

Details about names and prices - skype - emaleads

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